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Sodium Based Products
The sodium based products are the chemical compounds that have significant values in the industrial applications. These chemicals are effective and one of the most popular fertilizers. 

Potassium Based Products
The potassium based products are the chemicals that have potassium in them as a major constituent. These are the essential potassium compounds used in the industries. 

Ammonium Based Products
Ammonium bases products are the chemical compounds of ammonia. These are significantly used as fertilizers. These are extensively demanded in the market, owing to its purity and efficiency. 

Zinc Based Products
The zinc based products are the chemical salts containing zinc element, that have innumerable uses in the industrial sector. They are made or prepared in the special laboratories. 

Barium Nitrate Chemical
The barium nitrate chemicals are the salts that have made the barium ions are used in variety of industrial applications. These are handled with utmost care while being used for making products. 

Magnesium Based Products
The magnesium based products are the utilized chemicals that are demanded in the medicinal sector. Also, it is demanded in the fertilizer industries for enhancing the crops yield and quality. 

Aluminum Based Products
The aluminum based products are the significant chemical compounds that have high importance in the chemical industries. These compounds are of high use in the medical and fertilizer making sectors. 

Ferrous Based Products
The ferrous based products have the iron presence in high amount. There is a range of iron salts, have different role in the distinct chemical and pharmaceutical industries. 

Lead Based Products
Lead based products are certainly the chemicals that have lead ions in them. The products are completely pure and made in the laboratories, under the guidance of professionals for high accuracy and efficiency. 

Lead Oxalate
Leadoxalate is the compound which is extensively used in the photography sector. it is a less reactive metal compound, which can be easily and safely handled.

Copper Based Products
Copper based products are actually the chemical compounds formed of copper element. These are mostly in bluish color shade and have many applications and uses in industrial field. 

Metallic Chemicals
Metallic chemicals are the chemicals formed with intense dedication and accurate ratio. These chemicals show different properties than their ingredients, which makes them demanded in industrial applications.